Destiny Marie Photography


Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me a little bit.

My name is Destiny and I’m a 23 year old photographer living in Florida. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a passion for photography; I’ve always had an eye for composing images in my mind, even without a camera in hand, so in high school I got my first DSLR camera and started taking photography more seriously . My abilities and love of image making has definitely grown a lot since then, and I'm so blessed and thankful for all I've gotten to do and experience so far. I've done weddings, engagements, portraits and families, pets, wildlife, and travel photography in over 5 different countries, and I've had one of my images featured and recognized on the Official Canon Instagram page as well. Ten years ago I would have never imagined I’d be where I am today, with the experiences I’ve had. I give all the glory to God, because without Him I am nothing. I love what I do.

It's such a wonderful feeling seeing my clients faces when they see their images for the very first time - and it's an even better feeling seeing the completed work hanging up on their walls! Many people have forgotten about prints because  most images are now shared digitally, but there's something extra special about having beautiful memories hanging up to see every day. Before the digital age prints were the only way, and they were so important in the home. Digital posts get lost and forgotten, but prints are created to share and cherish for years and years.. so that's what Destiny Marie Photography is all about, creating lasting memories to cherish forever! 


Portraits, engagements, family sessions and pet photography.

Personalized prints and wall art, canvases, albums, greeting cards, and more all created with your beautiful images!








I'm located in Oldsmar, FL but I am eager and willing to travel. I've done work in Haiti and Cyprus, and I just finished a 5.5 month photo assignment in the Middle East/South Africa.

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