Destiny Marie Photography

Alexandria Library

Yesterday I visited the Library of Alexandria, and it was such a beautiful building inside and out. Here are a few shots from the tour.

The shot above shows a bit of the library, the different levels and study areas, and some of the amazing detail within the construction.

The detail in the construction all had a purpose. The triangles in the ceiling were designed to resemble the human eyelid, along with the outer parts of those windows resembling eyelashes, and this was to make sure only the sunlight entered the building and not the sun rays! To me this was really amazing, because it was so well thought out and really worked well so nobody in the library would be disturbed during their work.

Also within the library were several old pieces of history, like the first shot here showing some old, artistic Arabic handwriting. There were also old printing presses, old pieces of writing, books, statues, etc. The second photo shows a really beautiful piece of art that the library had on display within one of the museums.

I’m so glad I got to visit this beautiful place!

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